SRM - Credit Management

Efficient credit management is essential for healthy organizational growth and as business accelerates, the pressure to make accurate credit decisions is imperative.
Sailfin’s SRM product automates the credit management process, enabling credit managers to make quicker and more accurate decisions.

Key Features

Online Branded Credit Application form automates the customer onboarding process through an integrated with credit workflow. This ensures a reduction in manual effort and data entry errors that leads to smarter and accelerated credit decisions. Also helps to leave inflexible PDFs, paper applications, phone calls, emails and unseen applications and slow validations behind.
Bureau Integration: Match the customer information to credit bureau data for instant scores and business risk data. D&B, Equifax, Experian are some of these bureaus easily integrated with SRM.
Role based approval workflow based on credit limit requested and auto-alert to stakeholders on the progress of credit requests.
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“SRM’s Credit Management enables credit managers to make accurate and quick decisions.”