At a Glance


  • Custom Branded Credit Application form online automating the customer onboarding process through an integrated credit workflow.
  • Custom scoring models unique to a company’s credit policy that combines external and internal parameters.
  • Bureau Integration allows sending the customer information to credit bureaus enabling instant scores and business risk data.
  • Pull credit scores and perform trend analysis, which can be valuable in predictive analytics of potential customers to highlight risks and actions.
  • Role based approval workflow based on credit limit requested and auto-alert to stakeholders on the progress of credit requests.


  • Automated end to end online new credit application process reducing points of failure.
  • Easily enable automatic periodic credit scoring, risk assessment and customer review.
  • Role-based approvals drives efficiencies and make faster credit decisions.
  • Real time visibility into the credit health, risk category of the customer.
  • See a trend of credit scores and early identify customers with declining credit worthiness and facing credit issues.
  • Combine scores and aging into risk assessment to help the sales team understand credit trends and prioritize collection efforts and sales efforts.