At a Glance


  • Custom forecasting algorithm that processes different datasets such as Customer invoices, payments, operational performances to create accurate cash flow predictions.
  • Continuous machine learning mechanism ensures that the forecast models become more accurate with time.
  • Application of AI and ML to define probability to pay for each invoice at account level.
  • Models customer payment behavior and includes user-based adjustments based on collection efforts.
  • The solution seamlessly integrates with other systems of record like ERPs, accounting and other BI systems.


  • Accurate cash flow predictions from an individual account level, to collector user level and rolling up to the organizational level.
  • Ensures a consistent dependable process unbiased by different personalities.
  • Almost real time self learning intelligent system across the critical process of cash forecasting at required levels of granularity based on user role.
  • Flexible reporting module ensures that the right information is available from top-to-bottom within the organization for making long-term funding and investment decisions.