Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • Email auto-classification using NLP for task and alert generation.
  • Advanced AI models with continuous learning for generating cash forecasts.
  • Custom scoring algorithm including different datasets for better predicting credit risks and evaluate credit exposure.

User Experience

Build around user journeys leveraging design thinking with built in closed loop system improvement.

Dynamically adaptive streamlined UI ensuring optimized user engagement.

Intuitive and business user controlled advanced reporting.

Enables single end to end workflow.


Eliminate repetitive tasks.

Improved straight through processing.

Automated tasks and monitoring alerts.

Integrated Receivables Applications

Success Stories

Rick Smith, Director of Financial Services at TTI Inc.

“SRM suite has given us the consistency and control that allowed us to better handle our receivables. It has brought powerful collaboration and automation for our AR department providing tremendous competitive advantage by allowing us to be more strategic about our collection efforts.

We realized a major improvement in the day to day operations as the team was easily able to find the required information in fewer clicks, able to attend more requests and work efficiently.”