SRM - Cash Application

Companies cannot realize cash until payments have been properly matched and applied to the
right account. If a business is relying on an outdated, manual process, that can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, ultimately extending DSO. Furthermore, delays in cash application impact a customer’s credit for ordering goods or services, which then impacts a supplier’s business. Cash application automation often requires input from multiple data sources, including lockbox files, EDI files, other types of customer remittance information, and bank statements.
Sailfin SRM’s cash application enables end-to-end automation of the cash application process that covers remittance aggregation from different sources/formats, account identification, invoice matching, auto-deductions and dispute creation and ERP posting.

Key Features

• Batch Processing and Customizable Data loading frequency
• Seamless integration with ERP systems and support for different file formats
• Auto-matching of remittance data with accounts receivables data to identify match of accounts and invoices to which payments can be applied.
• Auto-application of discounts in case of pre-payments and deductions along with dispute creation for short-pay scenarios.
• Displays cheque details and other payment metadata information on the cash application screen
• Provides Flexible payment matching options like closest match, oldest match
• Manage recurring, partial payments and reconciliation of accounts
• Payment reversal, Transfer of payment, Write-offs and Refund process
• Easily configurable business rules
• Key metric tracking and reporting

Process Flow


Solution Components

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“Sailfin SRM’s cash application enables an end-to-end automation of the cash application process.”