SRM - EIPP Portal

Through Sailfin SRM’s Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) portal, Customers can access and manage all of their invoices and account statements, create disputes, and make payments in multiple formats through a single self-administered portal.
Through its collaborative capabilities, this module brings customer closer to credit and collections operations of the organization and help them achieve more profitable customer relationships.

Key Features


• Provides customers with 24X7 access to real time information associated with their accounts leading to increased satisfaction and avoid delays in payment due to missing inputs.

• Enable customers to make a promise to pay or file a dispute, attach supporting docs without any initial involvement of the back-office team. The built-in workflow automatically creates a dispute in SRM and assign appropriate owner who will take corrective steps. Customers can collaborate online and check the status of dispute in the system and log a promise to pay request(s).

• Support multiple payment formats and help your customers use ACH, Credit Cards, Prepaid-Cards, Virtual Cards, and e-Checks to pay their invoices.

• EIPP portal of SRM delivers multiple levels of security to protect confidentiality and information security. Users are authenticated using proper protocol and information further secured using secured socket layer (SSL) encryption.

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“SRM’s EIPP Portal helps organizations to bring their customer closer to credit and collections operations.”