SRM - EIPP Portal

Through Sailfin SRM’s Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) portal, Customers can access and manage all of their invoices and account statements, create disputes, and make payments in multiple formats through a single self-administered portal.
Through its collaborative capabilities, this module brings customer closer to credit and collections operations of the organization and help them achieve more profitable customer relationships.

Features and Benefits

Customers can manage all account-specific activities like view open invoices, download account statements, create disputes and make payments.

Once a customer creates a dispute or promise, the built-in workflow automatically creates actions and assign tasks to the appropriate owner who will take corrective steps.

Support for multiple payment formats across ACH, Credit Cards, Prepaid-Cards, Virtual Cards, and e-Checks to pay their invoices.

Increase in customer satisfaction with enhanced transparency and self service reducing noisy communication.

Avoid delays in payment as the customer have 24 X7 access to information and online payment options.

Reduce payment processing costs.

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“SRM’s EIPP Portal helps organizations to bring their customer closer to credit and collections operations.”