SRM - Collections Management

Everyday credit and receivables analysts and managers spend countless hours processing tons of financial transactions while also spending non-value-added time looking for data, information and reports across several systems scattered across the enterprise.
The amount of staff productivity lost as well as managerial time manually spent paging through reports is staggering. Furthermore, due to the complexity introduced by disconnected systems and manual processes, finance executives’ lack the ability to measure and monitor collections efficiency leading to further AR performance degradation and a painful lack of visibility into Day Sales Outstanding (DSO).
Sailfin’s SRM provides a single unified platform for managing all your order-to-cash processes seamlessly. Designed to support scalable volume of global operations, SRM product is used by many credit and collections departments as well as finance shared service centers.

Key Features

Focus on Key Accounts: Shows top 10 accounts that needs urgent attention.
Daily Sales Outstanding: available collector wise and average past days.
Task: Open task listing and highlight action items for the day.
Consolidated Communication History: Full visibility into actions taken against an account in a multi-team setup.
Productivity and Resource Utilization: For Capacity planning and Operational efficiency
Key Payments past due dates: List of accounts with metadata information

Highlight Panel: Key information in the areas important for collection.
Invoices Data Grid:Configurable view of invoices with sorting and filter capability
Disputes: Quickly identify and create disputes.

Activity List: list of tasks, emails, notes and events associated with the account.
Account Hierarchy: Manage multi-level parent-child relationships between different accounts.
Multiple Communication Channels: Email, Fax and phone connectivity supported on-demand.

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